Radio waves

How Nikola Tesla’s AC and radio waves could unlock wireless electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, but range anxiety and charging time are obstacles to their widespread acceptance. Imagine, however, charging your car by simply changing lanes and heading to special charging strips built into the road. This is exactly the vision of Khurram Afridi, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University. […]

Radio waves

Famous FRB radio waves surprisingly long and late | Space

In this illustration, a burst of radio emission from a repeating fast radio burst arrives at the LOFAR telescope. The longest part of the signal (red) is much longer than ever before from a fast radio burst. Also, the longer wavelength emission arrives about 3 days later than the shorter wavelength (higher frequency, shown in […]

Radio waves

Mysterious fast radio bursts include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected

A burst from the periodically active repeating fast radio burst source 20180916B arrives at the LOFAR telescope. High frequency radio waves (purple) arrive earlier than low frequency radio waves (red). The inset shows an optical image of the host galaxy of the fast radio burst source and the position of the source within the host […]

Radio waves

Fast radio bursts include lower frequency radio waves than previously detected – sciencedaily

Ever since rapid radio bursts (FRBs) were first discovered over a decade ago, scientists have wondered what could generate these intense flashes of radio waves coming from outside our galaxy. In a gradual process of elimination, the field of possible explanations has narrowed as more information is gathered about FRBs – their lifespan, the frequencies […]

Radio broadcasting

Local radio legend Elizabeth Ruiz retires

One of San Antonio’s most recognizable names in the news is retiring. In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday morning, KTSA radio personality Trey Ware paid a heartfelt tribute to Elizabeth Ruiz, who is retiring Thursday after 40 years with the station. Ware said “Liz is San Antonio” and shared highlights from her decades-long career, […]

Radio communication

Santa Clara Police Department to encrypt their radio communications system later this month

item SANTA CLARA, California – Currently, residents can listen to Santa Clara police radios, but that will change by the end of April, police said on Wednesday. This week, Santa Clara Police said it will switch to encrypted police radio stations by April 26 in order to comply with California Department of Justice policies. The […]