Radio waves

What echoing radio waves have taught us about Venus

In addition, the observation time with the Goldstone antenna was very limited. The dish is part of the Deep Space Network used to communicate with various space probes. Often times, the team’s scheduled time with the dish would be canceled instead of a higher priority request for installation. The reward The team started observing Venus […]

Radio waves

A NASA rocket to study the effects of fugitive radio waves in space

NASA launches a suborbital sounding rocket to study how radio waves escaping from Earth’s ionosphere can affect orbiting satellites. Scheduled for launch from the Wallops Island Flight Facility on May 26, the VLF Trans-Ionospheric Propagation Experimental Rocket (VIPER) will measure how these escaping radio waves interact with electrons in the Van Allen Belt. Space may […]

Radio communication

Haas Improves Radio Communication After Mazepin / Perez Near Crash

Mazepin was given a five-second penalty for obstructing race leader Perez as he approached him as the two nearly collided at Turn 3. The Russian had just come out of the pits in front of Perez and did not see the Red Bull driver up close behind him. Perez had to take evasive action after […]