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B Magazine: Mike Renick connects the community through radio waves (01/09/22)

Mike Renick Aaron Eisenhauer Mike Renick, General Manager of River Radio, first became interested in radio because of his love of sports. He thought play-by-play would be the “best of both worlds”: attending games and talking about them. This desire led Renick to major in mass communications with a major in radio at Southeast Missouri […]

Radio waves


The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA) will perform “Holiday Encores: Radio Waves, Echoes of Yesteryear” on Monday, September 5 (7:00 p.m.) in the Grand Auditorium. The Grand Auditorium is located at Pilgrim and Ocean Pathways in Ocean Grove NJ. All facilities are handicapped accessible. Tickets are $14.00. To order online visit®id=16& Radio Waves, […]

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ITU issues warning on interference with satellite radionavigation service

ITU logo. Credit: ITU Edinburgh, August 24, 2022. – The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has issued a warning to its 193 member states about harmful interference such as blocking, jamming or serious degradation of services based on radio waves. The ITU defines harmful interference as a radio system receiving unwanted energy to an extent that […]

Radio broadcasting

Science and Technology Museum recreates broadcasting in Chile 100 years after it was built

Celebrating 100 years of the first radio broadcast in Chile. The Museum of Science and Technology presents a technical sample of the various radial components of the past decades. Also in the halls of the El Mercurio newspaper building is a reconstruction of the first project undertaken in 1922 by Enrique Sazzi and Arturo Salazar. […]

Radio communication

New regulations would address radio communications in high-rise buildings

The City of Kamloops is considering a new bylaw to require radio repeaters in high-rise buildings as first responders face communication issues, including an inability to converse inside buildings and with people inside. outside. A report to the city’s Community Services Committee on Thursday afternoon (August 11) says the proposed bylaw could require radio repeaters […]

Radio waves

News from space: Unknown radio waves from a distant galaxy ‘defy the laws of physics’ | Science | New

A new article published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by researchers Tessa Vernstrom of the University of Western Australia and Christopher Reisely of the Italian University of Bologna describes a series of large low-frequency objects at around 800 million light years from Earth. The researchers used radio telescopes and X-ray telescopes […]