Radio broadcasting

Broadcasting should move to digital format, says PM

Traditional broadcasting is greatly affected by the development of new communication technologies and its survival in the new digital age depends a lot on online content, Prime Minister Hun Sen said.

He said that if broadcasting did not keep pace with digital transformation, it could disappear, despite having been around for 111 years.

“The evolution of digital technology in Industrial Revolution 4.0 has helped broadcasting, which has been around for 111 years, to stand firm to compete with other media and social media,” Hun Sen said in his letter to the people. Cambodian nationwide. with World Radio Day yesterday.

He said the success of radio in the new digital age is due to the use of internet radio content and in doing so, listeners could use their smart devices to listen to online content anytime and anywhere. or.

“The radio could provide quick information, wider coverage, at a reasonable price. This is the reason why radio is still very popular among other media,” added Mr. Hun Sen.

However, he asked journalists to cooperate with each other to share information, knowledge and experiences to improve their professionalism and fight against fake news that pollutes the social environment and creates insecurity.

“I would like to urge all domestic and international journalists to work together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic,” Hun Sen said.

He urged radio stations and other media to also broadcast information regarding traffic accidents so that people pay more attention to road safety as it causes more deaths than the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also urged journalists to work professionally in delivering accurate information to the public.

“In fact, their information should help improve people’s knowledge, respect private rights, improve freedom of speech and of the press,” he said.

“I highly appreciate the celebration of the 11th anniversary of ‘World Radio Day’ under the theme ‘Radio and Trust’ as the world struggles amid geopolitical conflict between superpowers, the spread of the Covid-19 and increased production and distribution,” he said.

He added that journalists play a very vital role in helping to preserve peace, political stability, sustainable development and defend the life of the Cambodian people against Covid-19.