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Hutchinson County Joins Potter County Radio Communication System to Better Collaborate in Emergencies

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – The Potter County Court recently agreed to allow Hutchinson County to join its radio communications system.

In the past, Hutchinson County used an analog system with a limited coverage area.

They had difficulty finding the right channel to communicate with partner agencies.

Now the stress of the chains is gone when they join this new system which has coverage ranging from Tulia to Spearman.

“We can take our emergency services and instead of everyone being so isolated and separated, we’re going to be able to communicate better together,” said Jerry Langwell, Hutchinson County emergency management coordinator.

The Borger Police Department is also joining this system as part of the agreement to purchase 150 radios to be programmed.

Hutchinson County purchased 100 radios using American Rescue Plan Act funds and county budgets.

Both agencies hope the upgrade will enable them to be more effective in handling emergencies.

“We work with them on wildfires, we work with them on car crashes, we may have a weather event that may require us to communicate with each other,” said Scott Giles, deputy head of the office of the Potter County Sheriff.

Hutchinson County now has the ability to have GPS tracking on its devices and encrypt messages.

Both groups are now installing their new systems.

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