Radio waves

Mile High Sports in motion –

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A word from our president, Nate Lundy

“I’m sick of packing and unpacking. From city to city, top to bottom of the dial.

Last week marked my 30th anniversary working on the radio. These lyrics to the “WKRP in Cincinnati” theme song have certainly been a part of my life for a long time. I programmed and hosted the radio, literally, from coast to coast. Moving trucks have long been a way of life.

I was lucky at a young age and knew exactly what I wanted to do for a career. I still think my teenage version was crazy, but anyone who knows me would say that’s an accurate statement about me, even three decades later.

Over those years, I’ve learned that just like the weather in Colorado, the one constant thing about the radio is change. As some may remember, Mile High Sports Radio has operated on a few different frequencies over the years. Business, economy, and life in general have required the station to migrate to a different frequency from time to time.

We’re a small independent business and don’t have the power that some of the other “big dogs” have in the business. Despite this, we have continued to adapt and grow over the past 18 years. Now is the time for us to start over.

In recent years, Mile High Sports Radio has aired on AM 1340 and FM 104.7. Both of these signals were sold by their owner last week. This puts us once again on the hunt for a new live signal to stream from.

We have been working on several options for the resort in the future. However, at the moment you can log in at any time with our online feed. You can find it on the website or through our app. In both locations you can also watch us live in the studio. (Insert “face for a radio joke” here)

Change is never easy, even when you know it’s coming. I want to thank our team of producers and hosts for continuing to deliver exceptional programming through our online channels. I can’t wait to share another article with you to let you know about our new home live soon.

Forward and upward,