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Radio Pakistan joins the technology bandwagon


The way we access information and entertainment has changed dramatically. None of us are more limited in time or place and the incredible fluidity of digitization has reformed the experience of all audiences. I recently downloaded the app from Radio Pakistan and wanted to look at it from a user’s perspective. It is refreshing to see Radio Pakistan and the PTV network transforming entities into modern international standards of technology. The ability for us to access news with a tap cannot be compromised. Now you just have to download an app and be able to read or watch whatever you want.

The user interface / UX of Radio Pakistan app is visually appealing in the sense that it is dynamic, modern and in line with the latest graphic trends. The navigation bar which is placed on the left of the screen is placed in a logical manner, which makes it easier for users to navigate and access the desired category. Besides the graphics, the audio and video quality of the app is excellent, making it possible to connect with minimal disruption while listening to the news.

The application has four main categories of news, namely sports, world and national programs. The download speed is fast and the variation is interesting.

Another remarkable feature of Radio Pakistan app is the variation of the content in the form of a modern tool which we know as podcasts. These informative podcasts made it easier for listeners to consume information, a portable and fast form of communication, and on-demand technology. Companies around the world have shifted their communication strategies towards podcasts because of the reduced cost and effective medium to add a personal touch to the transmission of information. Podcasts allow thought leaders, experts and influencers to reach out to audiences, giving them a chance to build a relationship with them. This opens a virtual door for coworkers, affiliates, paying customers and a source of lasting friendships. We can become part of a community that would otherwise be inaccessible.

This app is a great initiative to promote and secure a digital Pakistan.

This app is a great initiative to promote and secure a digital Pakistan. Our country has made rapid progress in technology and the development of mobile applications is a step into the future for us. With a 100 percent increase in IT, Pakistan is definitely witnessing the most spectacular time in its history. Radio Pakistan is also finally on the high-tech development train.

It is also noteworthy that PTV recently launched its HD transmission and that the Minister of Broadcasting and Information, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, announced the news on his Twitter. PTV’s HD transmission has been around for some time now and news of its launch has been well received. This transition is a new step towards quality media consumption.

The archives of Radio Pakistan and PTV are of immense value to viewers. Archival treasures are sought after locally and internationally and serve as great reminders of the past.

The biggest trial still present is the content. It is essential that the information conveyed by these means is of high quality, accurate and relevant to the public. The bar for content is high, considering the top-notch standards set by other countries around the world. To get into the tech race, delivering content that meets global standards is what we need to aim for.

Fake news, and their easy access is also very problematic and perhaps with the multimedia applications of a government ministry, Pakistani citizens can become more inclined to genuine news. It is often observed that sensationalism is popular which can be very damaging. The media can manipulate, persuade and influence society in very immersive ways. Toxic content can unintentionally affect a person’s physical health, which is why it is necessary to filter out information that is of benefit to the public.

This will put pressure on Radio Pakistan and PTV to disseminate socially and psychologically sound information for consumption by the masses. They will have to comply with the definition of appropriateness and the pattern of consumption of the Pakistani consumer. They must articulate the hard facts that our people can digest and evolve accordingly. The dissemination of information should be filtered and localized in the various provinces of Pakistan. If the content is carefully articulated and presented, there is a great possibility for the media to influence perceptions of our society in a constructive way.

If apps and channels focus on collaborating quality content creators and producing beneficial / entertaining content, I see more jobs being created and having a bigger share in the international media market.

The author is the founder and CEO of Beti, a social impact company. She is also a media and advocacy expert with a particular focus on the inclusion of women.

Source: Daily Times (writer Ramma Chema)

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