Radio waves

Technology could make it possible to use radio emissions from mobile phone networks to wirelessly power sensors and LEDs

Researchers have developed a novel metasurface-based antenna that represents an important step in making practical the harvesting of energy from radio waves, such as those used in cell phone networks or Bluetooth connections. This technology could potentially provide wireless power to sensors, LEDs, and other simple low-power devices. “By eliminating wired connections and batteries, these […]

Radio waves

Bacteria communicate using chemical signals comparable to radio waves

Scientists have shown that the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa communicates using chemical signals analogous to radio signals to help cells group together and form communities. Credit: Janice Haney Carr/CDC The UCLA-led study could have implications for medical research and sustainability. The idea of ​​bacteria coming together to form a socially organized community capable of cooperation, competition, […]

Radio waves

Bacteria build communities using chemical signals comparable to radio waves

The idea of ​​bacteria coming together to form a socially organized community capable of cooperation, competition, and sophisticated communication may at first glance sound like science fiction — or just plain crude. But biofilm communities have important implications for human health, ranging from disease to aiding digestion. And they play a role in a range […]

Radio waves

Can we power the smart home with ambient radio waves?

At CES, we saw Samsung show off a TV remote that draws power from nearby wireless waves, even eliminating the need for a battery. While our own A/V editor Phil Nickinson is skeptical of the prospect, I’m more optimistic about the overall implications. If Samsung applies this technology on a large scale and includes this […]

Radio communication

BAE Systems (BAESY) wins contract for radio communication systems

BAE Systems plcBAESY’s business unit, BAE Systems Technology Solutions and Services, recently entered into a modification contract to provide research and development, engineering, technical support and logistics services in support of the delivery of communications systems. radio. Valued at $32.3 million, the contract is expected to be completed in June 2027. The agreement was awarded […]

Radio waves

Samsung unveils TV remote control that draws its power from radio waves

Forget the batteries! Samsung unveils new TV remote control powered by solar energy and radio waves from WiFi routers Samsung unveils new eco-friendly TV remote before CES 2022 in Las Vegas The device contains a receiving antenna that picks up radio waves from routers It contains a small solar panel and can be charged using […]

Radio broadcasting

Global TV and Radio Broadcasting Market Trends, Strategies and Opportunities in 2021-2030 Market

Global TV and Broadcasting Market Report 2021: Impact and Recovery of COVID-19 The Business Research Company Global TV and Radio Broadcasting Market Report 2021: Impact and Recovery of COVID-19 LONDON, GREATER LONDON, United Kingdom, September 27, 2021 / – According to the new market research report “Global TV and Radio Broadcasting Market Report 2021: Impact […]

Radio waves

$ 25 million SpectrumX program studies radio waves // the Observer

Spectrum refers to the radio frequencies on which wireless signals travel, and humans use these frequencies in all aspects of their daily lives: sending a text message, watching TV, or using GPS in a car. The radio frequency spectrum is a vital resource in high demand and Notre Dame is a leading university in the […]

Radio waves

Radio waves and TPMS tools

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on the transmission, reception and decoding of radio waves, but these signals are invisible. You can see the wires connecting modules and components and observe them with a meter or oscilloscope, but seeing the radio signals requires smart tools. Click here to […]

Radio waves

Scientists develop new tool to measure radio waves in fusion plasmas

Physicist Grant Rutherford with images from his article. Credit: Natalie Rugg, collage by Elle Starkman / Office of Communications Scientists seeking to bring the fusion energy that drives the sun and stars to Earth use radio frequency (RF) waves – the same waves that bring radio and television into homes – to heat and draw […]

Radio waves

Seeing with radio waves – ScienceDaily

Scientists in the Physics Division of the University of Tsukuba have used the quantum effect called “rotation locking” to dramatically improve the resolution when imaging nitrogen deficiency defects in diamond by radiofrequency. This work may lead to faster and more precise analysis of materials, as well as a path to practical quantum computers. Nitrogen vacancy […]

Radio waves

What are radio waves? | Live Science

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation best known for its use in communication technologies, such as television, cell phones, and radios. These devices receive radio waves and convert them into mechanical vibrations in the speaker to create sound waves. The radio frequency spectrum is a relatively small part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. […]

Radio waves

How to explore the hidden world of radio waves all around you

One day this fall, in an old factory in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood, a row of ’90s pagers chirped and buzzed. Next to their dimly lit screens was a receipt printer – like the one you might find in a cash register – spitting out long spools of paper. As my eyes scanned the prints, I […]