Radio waves

The new Samsung Eco Remote is recharged with radio waves from Wi-Fi routers

The Samsung Eco Remote, already rechargeable by light thanks to a small solar panel, wins this year the recharge by radio waves to definitively do without the cable. Last year, Samsung’s high-end TVs, such as the Samsung Neo Qled QE65QN95A — already on board the Samsung Eco Remote equipped with a small photovoltaic panel to […]

Radio waves

Can we power the smart home with ambient radio waves?

At CES, we saw Samsung show off a TV remote that draws power from nearby wireless waves, even eliminating the need for a battery. While our own A/V editor Phil Nickinson is skeptical of the prospect, I’m more optimistic about the overall implications. If Samsung applies this technology on a large scale and includes this […]

Radio communication

SIMEC Mining reorganizes radio communication and security with Sepura

SIMEC turned to Sepura to optimize the safety and efficiency of its operations in South Australia. When analogue radio solutions were no longer sufficient, SIMEC Mining turned to Sepura to optimize communication and security in its iron ore operations in South Australia. SIMEC Mining owns and operates iron ore mines in South Australia, including the […]

Radio waves

$ 25 million SpectrumX program studies radio waves // the Observer

Spectrum refers to the radio frequencies on which wireless signals travel, and humans use these frequencies in all aspects of their daily lives: sending a text message, watching TV, or using GPS in a car. The radio frequency spectrum is a vital resource in high demand and Notre Dame is a leading university in the […]

Radio waves

Researchers harness energy from radio waves to power portable devices – sciencedaily

From microwave ovens to Wi-Fi connections, the radio waves that permeate the environment are not only signals of energy being consumed, but are also sources of energy themselves. An international team of researchers, led by Huanyu “Larry” Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professor at the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, has developed […]

Radio waves

Quantum receiver capable of detecting the full spectrum of radio waves

A quantum sensor has been developed that can analyze the full spectrum of radio frequencies, which could open up new options for military communication. US Army researchers built the quantum sensor, which can sample from zero frequency up to 20 GHz, detecting AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other communication signals along the way. […]

Radio waves

What are radio waves? | Live Science

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation best known for its use in communication technologies, such as television, cell phones, and radios. These devices receive radio waves and convert them into mechanical vibrations in the speaker to create sound waves. The radio frequency spectrum is a relatively small part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. […]

Radio waves

The short and long radio waves | Local news

In a burst of light in 1864, James Maxwell theorized that electromagnetic waves – radio and light – could travel through free space without the mythical “ether” or “quintessence.” A few years later, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz – the unit of cycles per second bears his name – was able to prove that electromagnetic waves could […]